Data Science Salary in Maine

Maine’s technology industry gained national attention in 2015 when Uncubed name it among the thirteen fastest growing tech hubs in the country. In 2014, the U.S. Small Business Administration provided over $300,000 in financial assistance to small businesses with growth potential in Portland. Ever since, the state has experienced a wellspring of new startup companies willing to pay top dollar for data scientists.

One of the main reasons that many data scientists statewide are starting out earning six figure salaries is due to the Maine Technology Institute (MTI). The MTI is a public, nonprofit corporation and a major source of technology funding in the state. By offering local innovators competitive grants, loans and equity investments, and research and development tools, MTI has helped make early-stage companies like Alba-Technic, MunciPay, and Rapport the success stories they are today.

The private non-profit organization, Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development (MCED) is also involved in the push toward making tech companies more ubiquitous in the state. As a business incubator, the MCED offers growth-orientated companies easy access to counseling, training, and networking activities. By doing so, the MCED is laying the groundwork for more competitive salary opportunities for data scientists.

Starting Salary Ranges for Data Scientist in Maine’s Major Cities

According to the United States Department of Labor, jobs classified in the field of data science were among the top 35 fastest growing in the state in 2014. High employment growth trends illustrate the growing demand for skilled data scientists, which often means higher salary offers as employers compete for top talent.

In 2014, the United States Department of Labor released reports showing Maine to be a national leader in the field of data science in terms of employment and salaries. The Southwest Maine nonmetropolitan region was the fifth highest paying nonmetropolitan area nationwide for data scientists working in the area of operations research.

In fact, Robert Half Technology found that entry-level data scientists working in Maine’s major cities were offered salaries with the range of $80,000 and $130,000. The IT staffing firm’s salary information is based upon its numerous job placements for data scientists over the course of several years.

The following salary sets have not been adjusted to include additional compensation and incentives such as bonuses:

Portland Region

  • Portland: $94,000-$133,000
  • South Portland: $94,000-$133,000
  • Biddeford: $94,000-$132,000
  • Auburn: $82,000-$115,000
  • Lewiston: $81,000-$115,000

Other Big Cities:

  • Bangor: $80,000-$112,000
  • Sanford: $94,000-$132,000
  • Brunswick: $81,000-$115,000
  • Presque Isle: $80,000-$112,000

Industries in Maine that Pay Data Scientists the Highest Salaries

Since many data science jobs require different levels of education, training, and experience, data science salaries likewise vary according to role and industry. In 2014, the United States Department of Labor called attention to these differentiations by posting the following salary data for data scientists in Maine based on industry:

Operations Research

  •  $105,000

Financial Services

  •  $103,700

Healthcare and Public Health

  •  $116,500

Salaries in Portland and Nonmetropolitan Southwest Maine for Data Scientists Working in Operations Research

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provided a detailed analysis of the salaries for data scientists in operations research working in the Portland area and the nonmetropolitan area of Southwest Maine as of 2014:

  • Portland-South Portland-Biddeford – $105,040
  • Southwest Maine nonmetropolitan area – $111,530

The US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics information shown here reflects salary data for broad occupational classifications that include data scientists. These estimates are expressed as 90th percentile salaries to reflect the fact that data scientists are recognized as the top earners within each classification.

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